Jan 19, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Are South Korea And North Korea About To Go To War?

-The South Korean military is on high alert after disturbing new threats from North Korea.

-Is the United States funding a "velvet revolution" in Iran?

-More anti-Christian violence has broken out in Iraq.

-Is bird flu being passed from human to human in China?

-"Mysterious death squads" have killed 900 people in the Philippines.

-Fifty jobseekers are chasing every job vacancy in some parts of the U.K.

-George W. Bush: 8 years in 8 minutes.

-Barack Obama is promising that he will "reshape" social security and medicare.

-Warren Buffet says that the United States has experienced an "economic Pearl Harbor".

-The Washington Post is reporting that the foreclosure crisis is getting even worse.

-Scottish couples are now being offered a revolutionary screening service to create "designer babies" free of deadly genetic diseases.

-Israel has discovered a massive reserve of natural gas off of the Haifa coast.

-Are fluoride and aspartame slowly poisoning hundreds of millions of Americans?

-A Muslim scholar chosen to speak at Barack Obama's inaugural prayer service is the leader of a group that federal prosecutors say has ties to Hamas.

-Time magazine has a very interesting article out about inauguration day security.

-Lastly, 71 percent of Texas is in some stage of drought.

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