Jan 23, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Barack Obama's Life Story Made Into A Pro-Life Television Ad

-One Catholic group has turned Barack Obama's life story into a pro-life television ad.

-Under the Patriot Act, spanking your child on a plane now equals terrorism.

-What will you do when the world begins to run out of water?

-Mysterious "prison buses" are driving around empty in the Tucson, Arizona area. Are Wackenhut and the Department of Homeland Security preparing for civil unrest?

-China is busy modernizing the world's biggest army.

-A Whistleblower from the NSA has come forward and is claiming that the NSA snooped on ALL U.S. communications under George W. Bush.

-A company that produces implantable microchips for humans is eager to promote its new image to investors and the public at large.

-Who is the "Isa" that Rick Warren mentioned during his prayer at the inauguration?

-One group in Washington D.C. brought in a shaman to "purge" the White House of evil spirits this week.

-Barack Obama has signed an executive order which will soon have U.S. taxpayers paying for abortions in other countries.

-Another abomination - the FDA has approved an upcoming human embryonic stem cell study. This study will result in four to five day old human embryos being destroyed.

-Will classified UFO files be released under Obama's new policies?

-Argentina is experiencing the worst drought it has faced in 100 years.

-There are a lot of place where you will not be shopping in 2009.

-Check out this video of a dalmatian riding a bike.

-An irritated Barack Obama "stared down" a reporter during a press corps visit.

-Are Citigroup and Bank of America being nationalized?

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