Jan 25, 2009

The Daily Buzz - China Confirms A 6th Bird Flu Case Already In 2009

-China has confirmed a 6th case of human bird flu already this year.

-Bird flu has been confirmed at a turkey farm in British Columbia, Canada.

-A new study has found a troubling pattern in Southern California earthquakes. Are you ready for the coast to crumble?

-A really bad computer virus has infected millions of computers worldwide.

-The Russian Orthodox church has begun the process of electing a new patriarch.

-One spy chief is telling Barack Obama that he should let DARPA fix the economy. Oh, I bet they would love to "fix" it.

-Russia is placing a new emphasis on developing nano weaponry. It would be a big mistake for people to forget about Russia.

-Two ex-Guantanamo inmates have appeared in a new "Al-Qaeda video".

-Barack Obama has appointed more CFR and Bilderberg members.

-Has "high tech Marxism" come to America?

-Someone else besides the NSA is spying on you.

-Scientists are claiming that a milestone in "teleportation" science has been achieved. Our world is becoming more like Star Trek every day.

-The queen of England is apparently quite fascinated by crop circles.

-Hillary Clinton favors "a diplomatic response" to extraterrestrial life. Isn't that comforting?

-One story on CNN suggests that attendance at Barack Obama's inauguration is similar to participation in the "hajj" ritual of Islam.

-Apparently the Christian Science Monitor feels that "Christians should keep Scripture out of politics".

-Will hyperinflation begin in China?

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