Jan 1, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Israel Readies Itself For A Ground Invasion Of Gaza

-Israel says that it is ready to launch a ground invasion of Gaza.

-The criticism of Israel by the rest of the world is increasing, but perhaps they should rethink their position.

-Russia has cut off all gas supplies to the Ukraine.

-There sure was a lot of bad news in 2008 - The Top 20 Bad News Stories Of 2008

-The U.K. government's desire to gather permanent electronic records about everyone concerning everything shows no sign whatsoever of going away.

-Read about how the entire financial system nearly crashed in 2008.

-Analysts predict that 440 European retail chains will fail in the first quarter of 2008.

-A new study reveals that Vitamin C reduces blood pressure.

-Mexico has suspended purchasing meat from 30 U.S. plants due to sanitary issues.

-Lastly, if you want to see a cat and a parrot groom each other then check this out.

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