Jan 4, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Israeli Forces Have Entered Gaza And Are Surrounding Gaza City

-Israeli military forces have made substantial progress in Gaza and are now surrounding Gaza City.

-Bloomberg is reporting that 2008 U.S. job losses were likely the worst America has seen since 1945.

-India plans to present evidence to the United States that Pakistan was involved in the Mumbai attacks.

-One Russian professor is predicting that the United States will break up in 2010.

-A major U.K. newspaper actually printed an article that lists a number of reasons why man-made global warming might not actually exist.

-Some Virginia legislators want to reject the federally mandated Real ID act.

-The Los Angeles Times is reporting that new bird flu cases have revived fears of a human pandemic.

-The first ever Masonic inaugural ball will be held in honor of Barack Obama.

-Has a buried glacier been found on Mars?

-Various studies are indicating that unregulated chemicals released into the environment are causing males of all species to become more female.

-Is "wireless electricity" the wave of the future?

-Authorities have shut up gifted inventor Paul Pantone by locking him up in a Utah mental hospital.

-Is the U.S. Treasury starting to make subprime auto loans?

-Lastly, now even Microsoft is cutting jobs. Microsoft is reportedly getting ready to axe 15,000 jobs from the payroll.

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