Jan 13, 2009

The Daily Buzz - New Research Reveals That Monsanto GM Corn Damages Fertility

-New scientific research reveals that a commercial strain of Monsanto made GM corn causes mice to have fewer and weaker babies. So what is that corn doing to human fertility?

-The tyranny of the FTC reached a new level now that they have threatened a Christian church with imprisonment for selling dietary supplements.

-A major U.K. newspaper says that "there's nothing immoral about becoming partners with God in the work of creation".

-Are you out of work? Maybe you should apply for what is being called "the best job in the world".

-Californians are moving out of that state in droves.

-60 percent of Christian men admit to struggling with pornography.

-Are genetically modified crops to blame for the honeybee colony collapse disorder?

-The Vatican is holding a two day conference on the five "ultimate sins" which include "offenses against the person of the Pope."

-Will Tony Blair be the first full-time president of the EU?

-A new study reveals that hormone replacement therapy drugs can shrink the brain.

-A student who is auctioning off her virginity claims that 10,000 men have placed bids to have sex with her and that the bid is currently at 3.7 million dollars.

-The Madoff scandal has rocked a number of pro-abortion groups.

-Share International founder Benjamin Creme is once again claiming that "the new World Teacher", Maitreya, who will be ushering in a new age of peace, wisdom and understanding will make his appearance very shortly.

-America is borrowing like mad. Can the U.S. pay it back?

-This is change? Barack Obama plans to almost double the number of troops in Afghanistan.

-Lastly, University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow made John 3:16 the number one search term on Google for a short time by putting it under his eyes during the college football championship game.

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