Jan 30, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Obama Ready To Spend 2 Trillion MORE Dollars To Bail Out Wall Street

-Barack Obama is preparing to spend 2 trillion more dollars bailing out Wall Street. This is money that belongs to future generations - when are Americans going to wake up?

-North Korea announced on Friday that it was scrapping all agreements signed with South Korea. Is a new Korean war about to begin?

-Do YOU have what it takes to make it in a world without electricity and running water?

-Hal Lindsey says that the prophesied cashless society is just about here.

-What is next for Israel after the Gaza war?

-Is there new evidence that chemicals in the environment are affecting female fertility?

-Did you know that the voice of Bart Simpson is actually a Scientologist?

-JPMorgan Chase suddenly began pulling its money out of two hedge funds that invested with Bernard Madoff last fall just before Madoff was arrested. Coincidence?

-Sales of new homes in the United States fell to a record low in December.

-An Iowa man has been found guilty of killing his two stepdaughters during a ritual from a Satanic bible. Isn't Iowa supposed to be safe?

-One Russian businessman is funding a pro-God ad campaign on London buses.

-More than 25 percent of Americans in a recent poll said that they were moved to tears during the inauguration of Barack Obama.

-A caterpillar plague has hit west Africa.

-There has been another outbreak of the bird flu in India.

-Nevada is a natural disaster area due to drought.

-Blagojevich: If you fire me, you have got to fire Rahm Emanuel.

-Lastly, 128 U.S. soldiers killed themselves in 2008. Why can't we treat our soldiers better so they won't do this?

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