Jan 18, 2009

The Story Of The Extreme Persecution That One Christian Girl Endured At The Hands Of Fanatical Muslims

The following story of the extraordinary courage of one young Christian girl is originally from a book entitled: Extreme Devotion: The Voice of the Martyrs.

What some Christians must endure in parts of this world is absolutely mind blowing. May we all remember the following story the next time we even hesitate to stand up for the Lord Jesus Christ.....


"I prayed day and night asking my Jesus, 'You are my everything. I don't have a father, brother, or sister.....Please send me an angel. Who can release me from this bondage?' After seven months, God answered my prayers."
-Azra Bibi

Twenty-year-old Azra Bibi was born into the only Christian family at the Malik Saleem brick kiln. She learned to love and worship the Lord from her mother, who worked many backbreaking hours making bricks earning just $1.14 a day. "The kiln owner wouldn't allow us to go to church," Azra said. They snuck away to attend church and hear about the miracles of Jesus whenever they could.

One day Azra and her mother were beaten by some Muslim women who called them "dogs." Some men dragged Azra and her mother to the office of the brick kiln owner, who was furious. He said vile things to them and locked them in a room. Late that night he took Azra's mother out of the room. Ten days later, her mother's friends told Azra, "Your mother is not in this world now. The kiln owner violated her, chopped up her body and burned it in the kiln." The kiln owner's assistant, a 70-year-old man named Muhammad Akram, made advances toward Azra and violated her. He tried to force her to marry him and convert to Islam.

A group of believers eventually secured Azra's release by paying her $1,100 debt to the owner. "What a moment," she said. "I cried before my Lord....I also wept....because I missed my mother." One of the Christian brothers took her into his home and provided her with clothing, toiletries and basic necessities. Azra is now rebuilding her life.

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