Feb 17, 2009

The Daily Buzz - California Prepares To Lay Off 20,000 State Workers

-California is preparing to lay off 20,000 state workers and to halt all remaining public works projects, which would put thousands of construction workers out of work.

-Bristol Palin says that abstinence is not "realistic".

-The U.S. Air Force has initiated a Voluntary Retired Rated Recall Program. Why do they need more personnel now?

-The Pakistani government is promising to impose Islamic law and to suspend military operations against extremists in areas known to be havens for terrorist organizations.

-The founder of an Islamic television station in upstate New York that was aimed at countering Muslim stereotypes has confessed to beheading his wife.

-The Canadian Government has released thousands of federal government documents relating to UFOs.

-A new drug which appears to erase painful memories has been developed by scientists.

-Denver International Airport is the only major airport to be built in the U.S. in the last 25 years, and it is most definitely the creepiest airport in the entire nation.

-Oprah's new spiritual guru, Eckhart Tolle, is deceiving thousands of Christians.

-The superbug MRSA is now being spread even at the beach.

-Corruption on the bench? Two Pennsylvania judges have apparently been taking millions of dollars in kickbacks to send teenagers to two privately run youth detention centers.

-A new U.S. missile strike against suspected militants in a tribal area of Pakistan has killed 30 people.

-Obama political adviser David Axelrod says that the Obama administration plans to have direct control of the upcoming U.S. census.

-Lastly, Tampa Bay is another American city that is experiencing a "severe" water shortage.

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