Feb 19, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Has The CIA Been Using Airbases In Pakistan To Launch Airstrikes On Targets Inside Pakistan?

-Has the CIA been secretly using airbases inside Pakistan to launch airstrikes on targets inside Pakistan?

-Why is Barack Obama spending millions to import Palestinians into the United States?

-A man committed suicide inside televangelist Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral the other day.

-U.N. officials are saying that bird flu could mutate and flare into a global pandemic.

-Is the U.S. actually planning to help rebuild the ancient city of Babylon in Iraq?

-Many U.S. employers are using the recession to stick it to their workers.

-Despite significant efforts by her teacher and school officials to censor her, a 12-year-old girl has become a worldwide phenomenon due to her stirring pro-life speech.

-Librarians in the U.K. have been advised to move the Bible to the top shelves to appease religious concerns in the Islamic community.

-General Motors is warning that Saab, the Swedish carmaker owned by G.M. could "go bust within ten days" without an immediate injection of government aid.

-20 percent of the employees of the state of California are scheduled to be fired unless California comes up with a financial miracle.

-Is North Korea "prepared to go to war" with South Korea?

-The United Nations is warning that food prices may increase 30-35% in the next ten years.

-The federal government has doubled its bailout commitment to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, promising to reimburse them for up to $400 billion in losses on their investments in mortgage loans.

-Lastly, it is now basically illegal to photograph the police in the U.K.

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