Feb 5, 2009

The Daily Buzz - New Google Application Allows You To Track Your Friends Through Their Cell Phones

-With new Google software you can track your friends through their cell phones wherever they go.

-The U.S. economy lost another half a million jobs in January.

-U.S. credit card delinquencies hit a record high in January.

-The U.S. Treasury has revealed plans for a record debt sale in February and more frequent auctions in the months to come.

-The owner of one Florida abortion clinic placed a baby born alive into a plastic biohazard bag and threw it out as garbage. How disgustingly sick is that?

-The number of UFO sightings in the U.K. doubled in the past year.

-President Barack Obama's new "faith-based" advisers include abortion activists.

-Human cloning is happening right now in China.

-Marie Stopes - another "family planning" pioneer who advocated eugenics by abortion.

-Barack Obama says that if we don't pass his "stimulus" bill we are headed for a "catastrophe". Isn't that what they told us about the last bailout bill too?

-Does Barack Obama plan to cut America's nuclear arsenal by 80 percent?

-Al Gore is urging children to question their parents about global warming.

-U.S. troops have been thrown out of the nation of Kyrgyzstan.

-The water crisis in California is getting much worse.

-California's government is experiencing the worst financial crisis the state has ever faced, but they still have plenty of money for television ads that encourage gay couples to adopt children.

-Angry American voters are jamming Capitol Hill phone lines.

-Uh oh.....seven former Soviet republics including Russia will form a "joint rapid reaction force".

-Lastly, China is experiencing their worst drought in 50 years.

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  1. This is all so encouraging I can hardly contain my excitement.

    Armageddon is going to be a BLAST!!