Feb 22, 2009

The Daily Buzz - New Report Concludes That U.K. Agents Were Involved In Torture Inside Pakistan

-A stunning new report concludes that U.K. agents "colluded with torture in Pakistan".

-Hillary Clinton says that Chinese human rights are "secondary" to economic survival.

-Barack Obama has expanded the covert war run by the Central Intelligence Agency inside Pakistan.

-The National Guard has scrapped plans to "invade" a rural Iowa town after a huge uproar over the event erupted on the internet.

-Grocery stores are beginning to close in California.

-The situation in Mexico is getting increasingly worse.

-Confidence in the U.S. food supply is fading.

-BusinessWeek is reporting that the decline of the stock market has hit Depression levels.

-Due to the crippling drought, Federal water managers plan to cut off federal water to California farms temporarily.

-Does HDTV have adverse health effects for those who watch it?

-A Harvard professor says that the threat of a bird flu pandemic is still very real.

-An Oklahoma City police officer pulled a man over for having an anti-Obama sign on his vehicle.

-The U.S. Army has ordered truck mounted laser cannons.

-If you spent a million dollars every day since the day Jesus was born, it would not even equal would Congress just spent.

-Obama says that he is going to spend massive amounts of money to stimulate the economy, he is going to cut taxes for 95 percent of Americans AND he is going to cut the deficit in half by 2013. What kind of magic trick can do that????

-Obama also plans to ask NATO for MORE help in Afghanistan.

-Lastly, a new poll has found that 40% of all Americans want marijuana to be legalized.

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