Feb 15, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Scientists In China Are Now Cloning Human Embryos

-A team of Chinese scientists is actually cloning human embryos.

-The state of California has been ordered to release more than 55,000 prison inmates in order to ease pressure on its overcrowded prison system.

-The financial obligations of the United States government, including future Social Security and Medicare benefits, are now $65.5 trillion and that exceeds the gross domestic product of the entire world.

-13 banks have already failed in 2009.

-A new survey has found that many Americans claim to have spiritual gifts which are not found in the Bible at all.

-An absolutely huge Israeli gas discovery turned out to be even more massive than expected.

-Natural News has posted a very satirical article entitled: "How to Create Your Own Personal Economic Stimulus Plan"

-Scientists actually plan to ignite a tiny man-made star here on earth. That doesn't sound like a good idea.....

-A new book by a leading Christian author about how believers can prove God's existence to an atheist ironically became Amazon's bestselling book in the "atheist" category on the first day of its release.

-The "new atheism" is being featured in an article in the New York Times.

-The head of U.S. intelligence is warning that 2009 is the year when Iran and Israel will clash over Iran's nuclear program.

-An Indiana country municipal official has given some insight into disaster emergency preparations in that area.

-Did you know that there is actually a Homeland Security Television Channel?

-Has Monsanto cornered most of the seed market at this point?

-China has serious doubts about who will buy all of America's new debt.

-Lastly, film producer Michael Moore asking former Wall Street insiders to help him make a film about the financial crisis, which he describes as the "biggest swindle in American history".

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