Feb 11, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Hospitals Are Flushing 250 Million Pounds Of Pharmaceutical Drugs Directly Into Our Water Supply Each Year

-Hospitals and long-term medical care institutions across the U.S. are flushing 250 million pounds of pharmaceutical drugs directly into public sewer systems each year.

-One secularist group is celebrating the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin by putting ads on billboards that encourage people to "Evolve Beyond Belief".

-Most Americans do not realize just how incredibly corrupt Monsanto is.

-Russian scientists are genetically engineering goats to produce the same milk as a human mother.

-The Vatican says that Charles Darwin was on the right track when he claimed that humans descended from apes.

-What is going to happen to the real city of Babylon in Iraq now?

-Will the new "global media" be used to educate "global citizens"?

-A new study reveals that teens spend 87 hours per year looking at online porn.

-Batwoman has made her comic book comeback as a lesbian.

-100s of birds in China have tested positive for the bird flu.

-General Motors is cutting 10,000 more jobs.

-California may be forced by the courts to release 40 percent of their inmates from prison. Can anyone even conceive how big of a disaster that would be?

-Now Barack Obama is rolling out a new 3 trillion dollar plan to "save" the economy.

-The state of California may be laying off 20,000 workers if a deal is not worked out.

-One Florida high school is being sued for not allowing a gay-straight club.

-Lastly, it appears that the numbers give Bibi Netanyahu the advantage in trying to put together a new government in Israel.

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