Feb 23, 2009

Simon Cowell: Freeze My Body And Bring Me Back To Life Someday

American Idol judge Simon Cowell says that he wants to have his body frozen after he dies so that scientists can bring him back to life in the future.

According to the Daily Mail, Cowell said the following to guests at a private dinner hosted by U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown:

"I have decided to freeze myself when I die. You know, cryonics. You pay a lot of money and you get stuck in a deep freeze once you’ve been declared dead."

Apparently there are 2 companies in the United States that actually offer such a service. One is called the Cryonics Institute and that other is called Alcor. According to the Daily Mail, more than 160 people have already been frozen in such a manner, and an additional 1,000 are signed up worldwide.

But are we sure we want Simon Cowell back?

Isn't one go around enough?

Are we cruel enough to unleash Cowell on future generations?

I don’t mean to be rude but.....

All kidding aside, does Simon Cowell actually think that he can achieve eternal life this way?

I guess we all think about our own mortality whether we like to admit it or not.

Perhaps Cowell wants to be frozen because he doesn't think a "heaven" awaits him.

Does such a place as "heaven" or such a place as "hell" actually exist?

Wouldn't it be nice if some people could actually go visit heaven and visit hell and tell us that they really exist?

Well, some people actually have.

Posted below are eyewitness testimonies from individuals who have seen heaven or who have seen hell. We would encourage you to view these accounts with an open heart and an open mind.....

To Hell and Back - Terrifying Accounts from Individuals Who Have Actually Been to Hell:


23 Minutes in Hell:


90 Minutes in Heaven:


An African Man Come Back to Life After being Dead for 3 days:


The truth is that whether you are Simon Cowell or whether you are someone that nobody knows, the only way you are going to really have eternal life is through Jesus Christ.

If you do not know Him yet, we invite you to ask Jesus into your life today.

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