Feb 1, 2009

Some Thoughts On How To Beat The System And Get High Quality Food For You And Your Family

In response to our recent article "The FDA Will NOT Require Labels On Food From Genetically Modified Animals" one reader named "lagavulin" posted a very interesting comment on the revolution that is taking place in organic farming.

We thought that the comment was intriguing enough that it deserved to be highlighted.

What do you all think about what lagavulin had to say?

Here is the comment.....


Yes, unfortunately we've come to a place where the corporate food-industry is completely unethical and the USDA almost completely corrupt.

But at the same time there's a huge revolution underway against this sorry state of affairs.

Buying your food from knowledgeable co-ops is helpful, but even better yet is to buy direct from a farmer whose methods and ethics you know and agree with. "Know your farmer". Otherwise, you really have no idea anymore what you're eating.

And it's really easy enough to do. Start asking around about CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) in your area. My wife and I buy probably 80% of our food now right from the farm. Meat, eggs, milk, veggies, even bread, pizza, cheese, popcorn - this new generation of farmers are pretty savvy in what they offer. Plus, by buying direct you're supporting small-scale, truly organic farming...which benefits our whole world in a myriad of ways.


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