Mar 17, 2009

The Daily Buzz - A Federal Document Labels Ron Paul Supporters As "Terrorists"

-A new federal document labels Ron Paul supporters as "terrorists".

-A federal judge has ruled that it is okay for the Navy to spray recruits in the face with pepper spray.

-Does biotech have the potential to create supersoldiers, superintelligence and superanimals?

-Part 2 of the series of articles that discuss the research into how the name of Jesus stops alien abductions is up.

-Russia is proposing the creation of a global "super-reserve" currency.

-WorldNetDaily is warning that a one world currency is beginning to emerge.

-Will HR 875 regulate the small family farm out of business?

-HR 875 would put small farms and organic food growers under the direct supervision of the federal government.

-A shocking new YouTube video shows Los Angeles City bulldozing community gardens into the dirt.

-Obama's war on seniors is now in full swing.

-The leader of the nation's largest veterans organization is strongly opposed to President Obama's plan to charge wounded soldiers for medical treatment.

-Many people are now raising their own food in order to save money.

-A new study says that religious kids are healthier.

-Massive poultry culling has started in India in an effort to slow the spread of the bird flu.

-Did you know that Christianity is the most persecuted religion on the planet?

-A new CNN poll reveals that 45 percent of Americans fear that this recession could turn into another Great Depression.

-A major Seattle newspaper, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, will now be published solely on the Internet as the traditional newspaper system continues to collapse.

-Lastly, Russia plans to begin a large scale rearmament of their armed forces in 2011.

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