Mar 5, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Is General Motors On The Verge Of Bankruptcy?

-General Motors says that its auditors have raised "substantial doubt" about its ability to survive outside of bankruptcy.

-An elementary school in Tennessee has been accused of censoring the word "God" from posters promoting an annual prayer event led by students.

-John W. Whitehead has released this stunning article: The Groundwork Has Already Been Laid for Martial Law

-Now even Glenn Beck is talking about the FEMA camps.

-The Canadian military is getting reservists ready for threats to the "domestic front".

-A new study says that explicit musical lyrics are linked to sex among teens.

-Another new study reveals that women are more religious than men.

-Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is calling on all Muslims to join the Palestinians in trying to destroy Israel. Too bad they don't realize that God won't let them.

-The world's poor are suffering the most in this credit crunch.

-The U.S. is now saying that Pakistan poses a bigger security challenge to America and the world than Afghanistan does. Does that mean America will be going to war with them too?

-Is your family prepared if disaster or emergency strikes? If not, we would encourage you to check out this emergency survival guide.

-China has increased military spending by fifteen percent.

-Why did Benjamin Netanyahu kick Israel's U.S. envoy out of a meeting with Hillary Clinton?

-Lastly, is Obama going gray after just 44 days in the White House?

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