Mar 25, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Timothy Geithner Is "Quite Open" To The Creation Of A New World Currency

-U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says that he is "quite open" to the idea of creating a new world reserve currency.

-In 1957, five percent of children were born outside of marriage. Today that figure is up to about 40 percent.

-Scientists from Florida are designing a new type of DNA with 12 chemical letters instead of the usual four.

-Singapore is developing plans to allow payments to "living organ donors".

-Cold fusion power has been proven to be a reality by U.S. navy researchers.

-Is the United States government already bankrupt?

-France, Spain and Portugal do not prosecute consenting adults for incest, and Romania is considering following suit.

-The national service bill has cleared a major Senate hurdle and is now scheduled for a vote.

-The IMF says that this economic slump will engulf the entire globe.

-U.S. banks will be faced with massive writedowns if the toxic asset plan is implemented.

-Barack Obama is showing his anger over AIG bonus criticism.

-U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer has done a full reversal and now says that he fully supports gay marriage.

-Gambling addiction is a bigger problem in the United States than it ever has been before.

-As Mexico plunges into chaos, the U.S. is finally seeking to tighten security at the Mexico border.

-Lastly, millions of U.K. citizens who use social networking websites such as Facebook could soon have details of everyone they correspond with monitored by the U.K. government.

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