Mar 16, 2009

The Daily Buzz - U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Plans To Give Sweeping New Powers To The Federal Reserve

-U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (who just came over from the Federal Reserve) will soon propose an overhaul of the financial regulatory system that is expected to give the Federal Reserve sweeping new powers.

-Wake up! A Russian air force chief says that Russia may soon base strategic bombers in Cuba.

-Has mocking Christianity become a trendy thing to do in our society? has actually done a lengthy article on the Bilderbergers in the Obama administration.

-A Christian television host in the U.K. was beat up and threatened with having his legs broken if he returned to work on his gospel program.

-One agnostic UFO researcher became a Christian once he learned that using the name of Jesus could instantly stop an alien abduction.

-WorldNetDaily is featuring an article with this stunning headline: "Welcome to global governance"

-A new study by the CIA has cast doubt over Israel's ability to survive beyond the next 20 years. Perhaps the CIA should read the Bible and then they would think differently.

-ABC's "Nightline" plans to debate whether Satan really exists or not.

-The rate of AIDS infection is soaring in Washington D.C.

-Fees on unemployment debit cards are robbing the newly unemployed blind.

-Insurance giant AIG which has been bailed out numerous times already, still plans to award hundreds of millions of dollars in employee bonuses and retention pay.

-An Episcopal "priest" in Seattle sees no problem with practicing Islam and Christianity at the same time.

-Lastly, did you know that Charles Darwin's wife remained a committed Christian throughout her life?

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