Mar 1, 2009

Would You Still Have Faith In Jesus If You Were About To Have Acid Poured On Your Hands?

Would you still stand strong for Jesus if you were about to have acid poured on your hands?

What some Christians must endure for their faith in some areas of the world is absolutely mind blowing.

The story below comes from a book entitled "Extreme Devotion", and hopefully stories such as this will help prepare all of us for the terrible persecution that is coming in the future.


"If I die, I will be very happy because I will leave an example for other Christians to follow in my wake."

Kuwa Bashir, a Sudanese youth pastor, was busy studying for the next Bible class when he heard the terrible but not unexpected news. The year was 1987, and the government of Sudan Muslim forces had just captured the area of the Blue Nile in Sudan.

Muslim forces soon arrested Bashir, determined to convert everyone to Islam. Bashir was beaten and tortured for seven days before being released, but he refused to convert. They told him never to organize youth activities or attend church again, but Bashir refused to be intimidated. He knew the Islamic forces were unable to touch his soul.

When he was arrested for the second time, Bashir testified, "I will gladly die without fear like Jesus did on the cross." He continued to speak to his captors about God, and the officer in charge threatened to have him shot. Instead, they decided to pour acid on Bashir's hands as a constant reminder of his refusal to convert to Islam.

But Bashir's faith has remained strong, and today his burned, useless hands have become a living testimony to the youth in the Bonga refugee camp, where he works along the Sudanese-Ethiopian border.

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