Apr 16, 2009

The Daily Buzz - The Department Of Homeland Security's New Report Labels U.S. Military Veterans As Potential Terrorists

-A new Department of Homeland Security report is being criticized for saying that U.S. forces returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are potential right-wing extremist recruits.

-Conservative groups are up in arms over this new DHS report and are demanding answers.

-Despite the criticism, Department of Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano is actually defending the new report on "right-wing extremist groups".

-CNN claimed that the "TEA parties" were "anti-government" and "anti-CNN".

-Even the mainstream media is admitting that the NSA is spying on you.

-New York Governor David Paterson is expected to introduce a bill to legalize gay marriage.

-The number of "economic survivalists" in the United States is growing.

-A new law requires almost everything that's sold that is perishable to have labels on them.

-Monsanto forced Fox television to censor coverage of a dangerous milk drug.

-State and local governments are getting "very creative" in finding new ways to raise revenue.

-Bed bug cases in the United States have tripled since 2005. Is this a curse?

-In Saudi Arabia, an 8 year old girl has married a 58 year old man.

-Uh oh.....the world’s fisheries are in a state of crisis.

-A new Afghan law lets men refuse to feed wives who deny them sex.

-Lastly, the Center For Disease Control says that the bird flu is developing into a strain which could become more contagious between humans.

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