Apr 22, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Obama Signs The "National Service" Bill

-President Barack Obama has signed the 5.7 billion dollar "national service" bill.

-Freddie Mac's CFO was found dead this morning from an "apparent suicide".

-A 6 year old Egyptian boy has died of the bird flu virus.

-Two humans cases of the swine flu have been identified in California.

-Violence in Iraq has flared up once again.

-The flow of many rivers throughout the United States is in decline.

-Now scientists are claiming that obesity is a major cause of global warming.

-Nancy Pelosi promises that a massive climate law is coming this year.

-Scientists say that the sun is the dimmest it has been for almost a century.

-Are conservatives starting to wake up to the fact that the torture during the Bush administration was wrong?

-Could we see a nuclear Iran in as little as 60 days?

-Lastly, archaeologists have unearthed four newly discovered pyramids in the Sinai peninsula.

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