Jun 24, 2009

Shocking New High Definition Video Proves That JFK Was Shot By His Driver

Absolutely stunning new high definition footage of JFK's murder that has been stabilized and filtered PROVES that he was shot at point blank range by his own driver.

The investigation into John F. Kennedy's murder has just been blown wide open.

Watch the video below and evaluate it for yourself.

Sometimes modern technology has some really wonderful uses.

For years, investigators would watch the footage of JFK's murder and would comment that it sure looks like the driver turns around and shoots JFK, but the video was always too fuzzy to be totally sure.

But now all of that has changed.

One of the great things about the YouTube video below is that it shows the key moment again and again and it slows it down so that you can clearly take in what is happening.

In the video it is very clear that the limo driver turns around and fires a gun in his left hand over his right shoulder. After he fires a shot into JFK's head he quickly turns back around and resumes driving.

You have GOT to see this video.....

Now that this video is out, is there ANY reason for the U.S. government not to open a new investigation into the murder of JFK?

Can anyone who watches this video still blindly believe the government report that it was Oswald acting alone?

The truth is that JFK was shot at point blank range by his own driver.

Just watch the video.

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  1. The driver's left arm crosses over his right shoulder in the nix film which proves the zfilm was heavily altered to hide that fact and the true identity of jfk's real assassin, William Greer.