Sep 16, 2009

Even The History Channel Is Talking About Chemtrails

Can anyone still deny the existence of chemtrails when even the History Channel is talking about them? While once they were considered to be the imagination of "loony conspiracy theorists", the reality is that chemtrails are being increasingly acknowledged in the mainstream media.

In the History Channel piece posted below, there is even speculation that chemtrails are connected to weather modification and HAARP. Ultimately the History Channel piece does not claim to have any definitive answers about what these things are (and neither do we), but the fact that they are devoting national television time to chemtrails is very surprising.

But honestly, how can anyone deny that chemtrailing is happening? After all, what are we supposed to think when we look up into the sky and see long, white streaks that stay up there for hours upon hours? That simply does NOT happen with normal contrails. There is something going on, and we give a big thumbs up to the History Channel for actually being willing to tackle the issue.....

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