Nov 3, 2009

V On ABC: Statue Of Jesus Falls And Shatters When The Aliens Arrive

If you are watching the premiere episode of "V" on ABC tonight, there is one key moment of symbolism that you will want to watch for. You can see it in the short video preview of V that is posted below. When the aliens make their appearance, there is a shot inside of a church where a statue of Jesus topples over and shatters on the church floor.

What does that scene mean?

It is meant to convey that when "they" arrive, the Christian faith will be shown to be a fraud and will be shattered forever.

But would that be true?

If aliens came to earth and made open contact with humanity, would that dramatically alter your worldview?

Would your view about religion instantly change?

For many Americans it probably would radically change the way that they view reality.

One poll found that about 60 percent of Americans believe that extraterrestrial life exists on other planets. Of those who believe extraterrestrial life exists, most agreed that they would be "excited and hopeful" upon learning of the confirmation of extraterrestrial life. That sounds like many of the people in V who are overwhelmed with excitement when the Visitors arrive.

But would contact dramatically change how Americans view religion?

Another recent survey had Americans respond to this statement: "Official confirmation of the discovery of a civilization of intelligent beings living on another planet would so undercut my beliefs that my beliefs would face a crisis."

Over 80% of "religious Americans" responded to that statement with "Disagree" or "Strongly Disagree".

But what if the aliens said that they had seeded this planet with life and had watched over our evolution?

What if the aliens claimed that they started all the religions on earth but that those religions had become corrupted?

What if the aliens said that they were here to help bring peace to the earth and guide us in the next step of our spiritual evolution?

Would disclosures such as those rock the world of religious believers?

Does all of this sound like a bunch of nonsense?

Perhaps we should take all of this a bit more seriously.

In fact, many of those who claim to "channel" aliens are already receiving similar messages to those above.

And there are many in the religious world who are preparing for what they feel is inevitable. In fact, the Roman Catholic church is preparing to greet any visiting aliens as "brothers":

Does the Roman Catholic church know something we do not?

Have they already been deceived?

The truth is that a great deception is coming. Just as in the television show V, these "aliens" will not be who they claim to be.

A video preview of V is posted below. Pay particular attention to the moment when the Jesus statue shatters on the floor of the church.....


  1. I am in agreement. I've often had the discussion with my mother - what if "aliens" were to come to earth. I know for me, it would not change my faith, my belief or relationship with God, for surely the one whom created everything int eh universe, our world and us is capable of so much more.

    HOWEVER - I too see a great deceit coming. I see the revealing (which has been hinted to by astronauts claiming aliens have been meeting with gov heads for years, the head of the Roman Catholic Church - The pope changing his stance on alien life, movies and TV) of alien life here on earth - with two ultimate goals; to lead mankind away from salvation and the worship of God.

    I believe many will loose their salvation because MANY will turn their backs to God when this comes to pass. Many will find the "miracles" performed by such life to be of God. The book of Revelations clearly states there comes a time that God will allow man to be decieved.

    It is not lost to me that the alien race in V is reptilian. That the alien race in "Land of the Lost" was reptilian. Perphas a play on the serpant in Genesis? Or is it to coniside with the stories out there of a seprent planet - the reptilian planet gaining wider spread popularity the last 5 years. My personal opinion of such story; FALLEN ANGLES. And based on that, what I see coming down the road, I can't be silent on this subject as I fear many I love will fall for the deception.

    All these things have been prophesied - all are in Revelations.

  2. 'Angels from heaven' translates to 'messengers from the sky'. Sounds like semantics to me.

    Considering the translation, I don't see what the big deal is.

  3. The governments and the churches stole the reliigion from the aliens. The good aliens living on earth were forbidden to talk of their alien Jesus who was a young woman. This has been the biggest lie ever told. The good aliens have been fighting a silent war against Evil, the bad aliens and the PTB since Evil was given control of earth. The plan worked as it was suppossed to. Jesus has returned and she defeated Evil. That is why the crucifix fell, it is because Jesus was not a man. The good aliens will be the ones to announce disclosure, because good always overcomes evil - always.

  4. so what if there is or is not extraterrestrial life on other planets? so what if it was through god or through some other way. does it matter? believe what you want and dont let anyone change that. dont get over excited and aggressive when something happens involving your beliefs and jump to conclusions. not everything is as it appears. everyone is deceived many times over their life span...anyone could have predicted that there was going to be deceit in the future. so many things are common sense and everyone sees and holds them in such high respect that they cant realize its so easy to predict such things. my 4 year old godson can predict such things. and god and/or jesus did not write the bible its written by unknown people in the name of jesus' so called disciples. and if the bible was true it is incomplete because of the fact that many gospels have been found over the past decades and centuries and they were never put in the to know why? christianity was a loosely organized religion; the founders and true christians are the nostics. and over time the roman emperor constantine converted after a battle and he declared it the roman state religion. he decided what went in the bible and what stayed out forbidding these gospels. making them against the law and sometimes killing anyone who read them or possessed them. most were born. he only allow the gospels and revelations of those that fit how he thought the religion should go and would fit how he wanted to rule and control his people. so the bible was put together by a leader who wanted to influence and control his people. and basically keep them in line. yaya for christians.

  5. I am telling you this through Christ...Vatican City is the Anti Christ and Sunday worship will be the Mark of the Beast. Remember, it was the Catholic Church who changed the Sabbath Day to Sunday. If you are in doubt, research it for yourself!