Dec 22, 2009

The Washington Redskins Run The Worst Trick Play In The History Of The NFL On Monday Night Football

There is no longer any doubt that the Redskins are mailing it in for the rest of the NFL season. Apparently Jim Zorn is determined to not only embarrass himself but also the entire Redskins organization on his way out the door. The Washington Redskins ran the absolute worst trick play in the history of the NFL on Monday Night Football against the New York Giants this past week. Due to their completely uninspired play, the Redskins were already trailing 24-0 as the game neared halftime. With two seconds remaining in the half, Jim Zorn sent out his field goal team for an apparent field goal attempt.  What transpired after that almost defies description.  Almost the entire field goal team was shifted over to the left sideline and then the kicker was also sent in motion out to the left. Then the holder took the snap and lofted a wounded duck of a pass downfield that was intercepted by the New York Giants. It was simply the worst trick play in the history of the NFL.  If you don't believe us, just watch the video posted below and judge for yourself....

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