Jun 26, 2008

Barack Obama To Receive A Two Foot Tall Gold Plated Idol Of The Hindu God "Hanuman"

The Times of India is reporting that presidential candidate Barack Obama is going to receive a two foot tall gold plated idol of the Hindu god Hanuman from a group of prominent Hindus in India.

As we reported previously, Barack Obama carries a small idol of the Hindu god Hanuman around with him for good luck:


Apparently some prominent Hindus over in India learned of this, and they decided to send Obama this gold plated statue in order to bring him good fortune during the election.

The two foot tall idol was accepted by Obama's representative Carolyn Sauvage-Mar, and she will pass it on to Obama after it is finished being "sanctified" by the Hindus.

As she accepted the idol for Obama, Sauvage-Mar, who is the chairperson of Democrats Abroad-India, stated, "Obama has extended his thanks for the support."

The story of the connection between Barack Obama and the Hindu god Hanuman becomes increasingly bizarre as each week passes. If we learn of any further developments we will pass them along to you.

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