Jun 20, 2008

The Daily Buzz: More Than Half Of All Britons Believe Christianity "Could Die Out Within A Century" & A Man Loses 80 Pounds Eating At McDonalds

-A large group of young teen Massachusetts girls stunned the nation with their shocking pregnancy pact.

-A new Senate bill would require eBay, Amazon, Google and all credit card companies to report all their transactions to the government.

-So how is that global warming thing coming Al Gore? Energy used by Al Gore’s home in the past year could power 232 U.S. homes for a month, and Al Gore’s personal electricity consumption is up 10% in the past year. Great example, eh?

-Where did all the sunspots go?

-Japan is gripped by a raging suicide epidemic.

-14 employees in the San Diego County Clerk's Office raised religious objections to performing gay wedding ceremonies but were told they MUST perform them.

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