Jun 20, 2008

The Word "Brainstorming" Is Out - The New Politically Correct Term For You To Use Is "Thought Showers"

Our world is becoming more bizarre every day.

The Telegraph is reporting that a council in the United Kingdom has BANNED the word "brainstorming" and has replaced it with the term "thought showers".

Apparently it was believed that the word brainstorming might offend mentally ill people and those who have epilepsy.

I think it is clear that political correctness has gone way too far in our society.

To show how extreme it has gotten, there are those who have urged that prostitutes now be referred to as "sex care providers" because the word "prostitute" might offend those who are engaged in that "type of work".

Instead of worrying who we might offend, our society would be much better off if we told people the truth of God's Word.....whether that offends them or not.


  1. I agree with your position. As a joke, I played along with saying "thought shower" in a meeting at work. I said "let's have a thought shower of some ideas". After that I had to stop because everyone had a blank look on their face and had no idea what I meant.

    Did you see the page entitled 'Secularized Language' at Conservapedia? It has a long list - maybe we should add thought shower to it.

  2. Thought shower sounds ridiculous.