Jun 12, 2008

A Larger Version Of The Stunning Photo Of The "Lucky" Hindu Idol That Barack Obama Believes Brings Him Good Fortune

The story regarding the Hindu god that Barack Obama carries with him for good luck just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

If you type the words "Hindu God Barack Obama" into Google you will get a huge amount of search results. The press around the world, especially the Hindu press, is really starting to grab on to this story.

The truth is that a U.S. presidential candidate who is claiming to be a "Christian" should not be carrying around an idol of a Hindu god for "good luck". It goes against the most basic teachings of Christianity.

Stay tuned as this story continues to develop.

You can find full details on this amazing story in our special report:



  1. No! Not that! There must be no unity among people of different races, sexes, or religion! If they are different, KILL them! We cannot have a Christian man have a Hindu idol for good luck, this is blasphemy!

    The only solution is to first kill barack obama, then kill every single non-christian infidel in the world. Hindus must die!

    /sarcasm off

    This is dumb.

  2. This is the most stupid article ever.. who gives a crap, most religions blow anyways, including Christianity.