Jun 13, 2008

President George W. Bush Meets With Pope Benedict At The Vatican Amidst Rumors That Bush Will Soon Convert To Catholicism

President George W. Bush met with Pope Benedict at the Vatican yesterday amid growing rumors that Bush was seriously considering becoming a Roman Catholic.

The two leaders gathered privately for half an hour in the 12th century Tower of St John. This was considered to be a great honor for Bush, and it was the Pope's way of reciprocating the warm reception that the Pope received when he visited the White House earlier this year.

However, the big news here is that the Vatican is openly spreading the rumor that Bush may follow his good friend Tony Blair in converting to Catholicism.

A portion of the source article is reproduced below:



George W Bush and Pope Benedict XVI have held an intimate meeting in Rome as rumours mounted in Italy that the president may follow in Tony Blair's footsteps and convert to Catholicism.

The two men spoke for half an hour in the 12th century Tower of St John, a private area in the Vatican gardens which is used by the pope for private reflection.

The usual protocol for heads-of-state is a meeting in the pope's library in the Apostolic Palace, but a spokesman for the Vatican said Benedict wanted to reward Mr Bush for the "warmth" of his reception at the White House earlier this year.

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