Jul 6, 2008

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  1. you mean you dont feel that?you know that feeling you get that the end is near !everyday you wonder how much longer before our lord god comes and saves us from what this world has become .repent the time draws closer even as we speak.

  2. Let's see she doesn't know the difference between a serial killer John Grey from her hometown and John Wayne the actor and she thinks John QUINCY Adams was a Founding Father of the US at the age of 9. And one of her flock edited a Wikipedia on John Quincy to make it so. Sounds like the same shoot from the hip politician from Alaska. Oh she Hates government money but her family farm lives off them. Yep more BS same day.

  3. A Christian Democracy would never ,never, ever go against
    the commandment , “HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER,'' and saddle their
    sickest seniors citizens with something like the DONUT HOLE.
    This can only happen in a FASCIST state where corporate profits trumps the lives of its senior