Sep 2, 2008

Can Vaccines Actually Spread Disease?

In a stunning admission, the BBC reported last year that 69 children in Nigeria caught polio from other children who had already been vaccinated.

The reality is that children or even adults who have been vaccinated can spread the disease they have been vaccinated against to others.

Years ago, Africans welcomed vaccination programs, but after seeing the results of such programs, Africans have become increasingly suspicious of them.

In 2003, Islamic leaders in Nigeria brought a temporary halt to a vaccine campaign because they claimed it was a Western conspiracy to sterilize Muslim women.

There have been mounting claims in Africa and in other third world nations that not only are the vaccines dangerous themselves, but that also sterilization agents and other questionable ingredients have been added to the vaccines by Western agencies. Many claim that the West is advancing other agendas such as population control through vaccination programs.

So the next time someone wants to vaccinate you, perhaps you should ask some questions.

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