Sep 2, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Here Comes Hurricane Hanna!

-Just as we are recovering from Hurricane comes Hurricane Hanna.

-More persecution of Christians in India as 4 more churches in eastern India have been burnt after a week of religious violence that has driven thousands of people from their homes.

-A stunning article claims that 500,000 are dying in South Africa from AIDS each year.

-Dozens of pagans protested and prayed to their "goddess" to protest a museum near that Parthenon in Greece.

-More than 170 million Chinese schoolchildren were forced to watch a 2 hour propaganda broadcast designed to fill them with pride over the Olympics.

-Lastly, the mortgage industry is about to experience more hard times as 96 billion dollars of risky home loans sold with initial flexible payment options switch to more stringent terms in the coming months.

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