Sep 22, 2008

The Daily Buzz - 53,000 Sick From Chinese Toxic Milk As Panic Spreads

-China's tainted milk scandal has spiralled out of control as nearly 53,000 children are now sick from Chinese toxic milk.

-The FBI has searched the apartment of a Tennessee student who is suspected of hacking into Sarah Palin's email.

-The U.S. Treasury has widened the scope of the plan to buy up bad debt.

-This is a list of 25 of the most censored stories of the past year.

-Is John McCain's fortune tied to organized crime?

-NBC has gone too far this they have joked that Todd Palin has sex with his daughters.

-Lastly, a Pentecostal leader is calling a political cartoon that depicts Sarah Palin as a crazy woman who speaks in tongues as "despicable".

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