Sep 23, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Is A Mountain Of Credit Derivatives Worth Trillions The Next Financial Bomb To Hit?

-The biggest story on Wall Street that most Americans haven't heard of yet is the $62 trillion unregulated credit default swaps market.

-An Egyptian court has ruled that a Muslim convert to Christianity must remain legally Muslim.

-Wicca is on pace to be America's third largest religion by 2012.

-Ron Paul is saying that we should just say "NO" to these Wall Street bailouts.

-Will regional banks be "lunch" for firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley?

-A fifth grader has been suspended from school for wearing an anti-Obama shirt.

-A new poll shows that only 28% of Americans support the federal bailout plan.

-Hollywood is ripping into Sarah Palin like never before.

-The stock of General Motors has been lowered deeper into junk status.

-Lastly, is it possible that a classroom full of children had an encounter with some evil spirits?

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