Oct 1, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Bush, Obama & McCain All Agree On Something - It Must Be Bad!

-President Bush, Barack Obama and John McCain all support getting a revised Wall Street bailout bill pushed through congress - that can't be a good sign.

-Major newspapers around the world are now telling us that the Western world will become significantly less wealthy than it has been.

-A record 28 million Americans are now relying on food stamps to survive – a sure sign that the world's richest country is facing an economic crisis.

-Meanwhile, the Republican party is deeply divided over this proposed bailout package.

-There have been some new scientific advances that are helping us learn why exposure to depleted uranium in war zones is causing so much cancer.

-Americans seem to be clueless about plans to create new life forms.

-Lastly, in the YouTube video below, Sarah Palin is open in telling her interviewer that being gay is a choice:


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