Oct 16, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Japan's Stock Market Plunges 11 Percent In One Day

-Japan's market plunged dramatically last night - the 11 percent drop was the second worst plunge ever.

-Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 733 points yesterday. Will this bear market ever end?

-Stock brokers have become another tourist attraction in New York.

-Thousands of Christians marched in the Feast of Tabernacles parade in Jerusalem.

-The U.K. government has unveiled their "Big Brother" plan: Now they want to snoop on every phone call, email and text message.

-The U.S. Army has ordered "pain ray" trucks.

-The authorities are rethinking who should be considered "essential" during a pandemic flu outbreak.

-More teens than ever are getting into witchcraft.

-Lastly, popular New Age guru Deepak Chopra has written a new book called "The Third Jesus" which promotes the "cosmic christ".

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