Oct 16, 2008

Financial Crisis? No - This Is A Financial Consolidation By The Global Elite

We are not in a financial crisis. We are in a financial consolidation - a high level financial war that will result in the Federal Reserve and the international bankers of the global elite having more power and more assets after it is all over.

This kind of consolidation has happened before. In 1815, Nathan Rothschild was able to learn the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo before anyone else in the financial communtiy. When he started selling like mad, the financial community feared that Wellington had lost and they started selling too. The market completely went mad with selling. At the end of the day, Rothschild and his agents reversed course and bought up everything at dramatically reduced prices. Rothschild induced the panic so that he could buy up as much as he could and consolidate his power.

At the start of the Great Depression, the major banks turned off the flow of credit. All of a sudden nobody could get loans for anything, and the great credit bubble that fueled the prosperity of the 20s collapsed. The market tanked, and the value of homes, farms and businesses went through the floor. The bankers came along and bought up whatever they wanted for a song.

So now they tell us we are facing another "credit crunch" - yeah a manufactured one. For the past two years the Federal Reserve has been starting to constrict the money supply and banks have been beginning to reduce the flow of credit. Of course that was going to result in dominos starting to fall - especially in our overleveraged society.

One of the first dominos to fall was Bear Stearns - the last somewhat "independent" investment bank. Oh, the international bankers have wanted to get their hands on Bear Stearns for a long time. And they did just that when JP Morgan was able to scoop up the shattered remains of Bear Stearns for pennies on the dollar.

Next there was the whole Lehman Brothers debacle.

JP Morgan has been accused by Lehman Brothers of dealing the critical blow that forced Lehman Brothers to collapse. JP Morgan is alleged to have frozen $17 billion dollars of cash and securities belonging to Lehman Brothers on the Friday night before its failure. Lehman Brothers subsequently collapsed, and many of its assets have been sold to buyers including Barclays.

So let's review some of the consolidation that has been going on:

Bear Stearns - purchaed by JP Morgan
Lehman Brothers - many of its assets have been sold to buyers including Barclays
Merrill Lynch - purchaed by Bank of America
Washington Mutual - purchaed by JP Morgan
Wachovia - Wells Fargo and Citigroup are currently fighting over it

As if it wasn't enough that the international bankers crashed our financial system so that they could consolidate their power - now we are being told that we have to give them 100s of billions of dollars or else we'll have another Great Depression.

Most Americans think that this "bailout" is only going to cost taxpayers 700 billion dollars. They would be wrong. Let's take a look at what all of these bailouts are really going to cost the taxpayers of America:

Pelosi’s latest economic-stimulus package: $300 billion
Paulson’s Bank Nationalization package: $250billion
Bailout to the American car companies: $25 billion
Nancy Pelosi’s bailout of the state and local governments: $150 billion
Financial “bailout” bill: $700 billion+
Bear Stearns financing: $29 billion
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac nationalization: $200 billion
AIG loan and nationalization: $85 billion (+ extra request of $35 billion)
Federal Housing Administration housing rescue bill: $300 billion
Mortgage community grants: $4 billion
JPMorgan Chase repayments: $87 billion
Loans to banks via Fed’s Term Auction Facility: $200 billion+
Loans from Depression-era Exchange Stabilization Fund: $50 billion
Purchases of mortgage securities by Fannie/Freddie: $144 billion

POSSIBLE TOTAL: $2.56 trillion+

The look on the face of an American taxpayer when they realize their children have been sold into economic slavery to pay for a big 2.56 trillion dollar gift to rich bankers: PRICELESS

So where in the world is all of this money going to come from that the American government is promising? America is already drowning in debt. Just check out this chart:

Now add a couple more trillion on to the chart above. Is a nation with so much debt in a strong position?


We have sold our children into an economic future of misery, where the best case scenario is that they work night and day for the rest of their lives to pay interest on that miserable debt.

And who is getting the benefit out of all this?

The international bankers who own the private Federal Reserve who make money whenever the U.S. government borrows money.

If you do not know that "The Federal Reserve" is a private bank owned by international bankers, then you need to watch this video:

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  1. Look at the annual reports from the companies that the government is forcing them to sell shares to the government and the Federal Reserve. They have either fudged their books or they really don't need the money. Seems like a nationalizing program or is it something different. http://nomedals.blogspot.com