Oct 31, 2008

The Increasing Number Of Christians Who Love Halloween

Today in America there is an increasing number of Christians who have embraced the holiday of Halloween. Rather than reject Halloween as a "Satanic" celebration, these Christians are joining the rest of the community in dressing up in costumes, passing out candy and decorating their homes.

Evidence of the new attitude of Christians towards Halloween is everywhere.

For example, Christianity Today, one of the largest Christian magazines in the world, recently published an article on Halloween that declared: "Christians should embrace the devilish holiday with gusto".

One enthusiastic woman who describes herself as a "Halloween-Loving Christian" writes on a Christian website: "I love Halloween. It’s long been my absolute favorite holiday".

Even prominent evangelical leaders are changing their tune.

“Sure, go ahead and let the kids dress up like Batman and hit up your neighbors for candy” wrote Chuck Colson, chairman and founder of Prison Fellowship Ministry, in a column on Halloween.

One Presbyrterian youth minister wrote an article entitled "Halloween, the Christian Holiday". In the article he tells fundamentalists: "If you don't like Halloween for whatever reason, fine. But don't ruin it for the rest of us Christians."

The reality is the the vast majority of Americans participate gladly in Halloween. A Gallup Poll has found that 84 percent of Americans will spend money on costumes, decoration, or candy for Halloween, while only 16 percent say they will not spend anything on Halloween.

But there are still some Christians who reject the holiday.

Tom Sanguinet, former high priest in the Celtic tradition of Wicca says this about the holiday: "Halloween is purely and absolutely evil, and there is nothing we ever have or will do that would make it acceptable to the Lord Jesus."

Another Christian author doesn't pull any punches in attacking Halloween:

"There is another religious group which is equally serious about its Halloween celebrations: the satanists. Halloween to them is a more sinister and direct celebration of death and Satan; they celebrate [it] as one of his two highest holy days. At Halloween the sacrifices of some of these satanic cults are unspeakably vicious and brutal" (Like Lambs To The Slaughter, Johanna Michaelsen, p.190).

One brave woman has recounted the horrors that she was put through as a little girl on one Halloween night:

"One of the hardest involved being up in the canyon at the lodge where they gathered. Very late into the night of the moons shining upon them they would begin. After the normal families left and the "die hards" lit the bonfire and continued to binge on the feasts and drink the hard booze it would commence. There was a man who was the leader. He would "all gather, lets get this thing on the road" and cheers would sound up as the wild tones would echo. I and other kids, children of the others there were in a cabin like building. The big kids would then get the little kid that was chosen by the adults. That night it was me....."

You can read more of her story here:


Here is how another person describes her own personal experience with Halloween and witchcraft:

"Another kind of sacrifice in this particular coven is live human sacrifice. Here is how it goes. A baby is born at home. No record of birth, never a doctors visit. If the baby is a girl, she is safe (for that day), if the baby is a boy, he is taken to the coven meeting and is blood sacrificed in the name of Satan."

The truth is that for pagans and Satanists, Halloween is the biggest night of the year. It is a day that celebrates death, evil and contact with spirits.

Many who think Halloween is just a day for innocent "fun" do not understand the history of Halloween or the dark side of many of these celebrations. The video posted below gets into these issues quite a bit further:

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