Nov 16, 2008

The Daily Buzz - California Voters May Vote On Gay Marriage Again In 2010

-The battle over Proposition 8 is apparently not over. California voters may have to face the issue of gay marriage once again in the 2010 election.

-Government officials in the U.K. want to double the number of girls using long term contraceptive jabs and implants.

-U.S. government money for the U.N. Population Fund that supports China's policy of coercive abortion will apparently flow once again during the Obama Administration.

-Jerome Corsi of WorldNetDaily is predicting that the Dow is going to go all the way down to 6000.

-Even more countries to adopt the Euro? The Danish and Swedish governments have begun preparing for referendums on joining the Euro. The past few months have seen a huge political reversal across Europe's northern fringes in favor of a single currency.

-The Communist Party is absolutely ecstatic over the 2008 election results.

-Check out the following very intriguing article entitled: "Our Coming Depression".

-The election of Barack Obama has caused a spike in the number of racist incidents around the country.

-International leaders are warning Barack Obama to beware of a "huge threat" from "al-Qaeda".

-Is Barack Obama getting ready to endorse the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative?

-PC magazine is calling for everyone to embrace the idea of being microchipped.

-A senior aide to Senator Barbara Boxer was fired last week after he was charged with distributing and receiving child pornography.

-A mile-thick cloud of pollution is literally choking the planet.

-While other beekeepers are reporting huge losses of bees around the world, organic beekeepers are reporting zero losses.

-A new study reveals that unhappy people watch a lot more television.

-Only 8 members of Congress who voted for the bailout were defeated in this past election. Great job voters! (NOT!)

-California is one fire again and lots of homes are being lost.

-Lastly, if the Big 3 U.S. automakers go out of business, three million jobs will be lost.

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