Nov 16, 2008

Meet The New Boss - Same As The Old Boss?

In a stunning development, two-thirds of the staff that Barack Obama has selected so far has come from the Clinton administration.

Overall, 31 of the 47 individuals appointed so far to the President-elect’s transition and White House teams had experience in the Clinton administration.

So when Barack Obama kept demanding "change", was the "change" he was talking about going back to the ways of the Clinton White House?

If America wanted that, they could have just elected Hillary Clinton.

Now political operatives in both parties are buzzing about the prospect that Senator Hillary Clinton is about to be selected by Barack Obama as the next Secretary of State of the United States.

So is this change, or is this just more of the same corrupt party politics that have dominated Washington D.C. for the past 40 years?

The very first person that Barack Obama selected for his team was Joe Biden, who literally has decades of experience of being an establishment insider. Now he is about to select Hillary Clinton for the number three position in the government?

These selections do NOT represent a fundamental change in governing.

It is very interesting to note that Hillary Clinton has close ties to the Council on Foreign Relations, which has produced every single Secretary of State since the 1950s. In fact, almost all of the potential cabinet selections that are being floated by the Obama organization either are members of the CFR or are closely tied to that organization.

So, if president-elect Obama keeps brining in establishment hacks and former members of the Clinton administration, what kind of "change" is that supposed to represent?

Vice President-elect Joe Biden has also appointed former Clinton administration aide Ron Klain as his chief of staff.

This comes one week after President-elect Barack Obama tapped former Clinton aide Rahm Emanuel to head the White House as chief of staff.

So former Clintonites will be running the office of the president and the vice-president.

It seems that the only way this new administration could be more "Clintonized" is if Hillary Clinton had been elected herself.

So once again we ask: "Is this change?"

It sure doesn't seem like it.

It seems a whole lot like "more of the same".....

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