Nov 29, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Crazed Shoppers Stampede A Wal-Mart Employee To Death

-One Wal-Mart employee was stampeded to death by crazed shoppers as "Black Friday" began.

-Early data indicates that there was strong "Black Friday" shopping.

-Ron Paul is warning that the international bankers are trying to create an international central bank.

-A new survey reveals that homelessness is hitting women and children the hardest.

-A Japanese robotics expert has built an android twin of himself in order "to study the soul".

-One futurist sees a future where humanity has merged with machines.

-India is reporting a fresh outbreak of the bird flu.

-The fight over gay adoption is heating up.

-Long lines and empty shelves are becoming increasingly common at food banks around the nation.

-Cell phones break up cell DNA - what a surprise!

-The FDA has announced that they will now allow MORE melamine in baby formula. How insane is that?

-Lastly, Barack Obama is telling disappointed supporters: "I Am the Change"

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