Nov 9, 2008

God Can Reach People Anywhere

The following story of amazing courage is originally from The Voice Of The Martyrs.....


Even when Romanian pastor Richard Wurmbrand was placed in a solitary prison cell devoid of light and sound, he continued to preach to an unseen audience.

After his miraculous release from prison and his eventual migration to the United States, Pastor Wurmbrand wrote several books describing his prison experience and the sermons that he composed and memorized while in solitary confinement. After a few years, he received this letter:

Dear Pastor Wurmbrand,

I was raised in a godly home, but I strayed and eventually ended up in a prison here in Canada. I wanted to return to God but didn't know how, so I prayed, "God, if somewhere in the world there is another lonely prisoner who knows you, please bring me his thoughts." I heard an inner voice telling me to sit quietly and confidently and that God would reach me.

Miraculously, night after night I began hearing a kind of sermon that seemed to come from far away. I repented, and after my release from prison, I ran across your book, Sermons in Solitary Confinement, in a Christian bookstore. I immediately recognized these sermons as the same ones I had heard in prison. Thank you for delivering them!

Pastor Wurmbrand received two other letters from different countries that contained nearly identical stories. Truly, angels had carried the sermons to others crying out to God.

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