Dec 30, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Are Iran And Hizbullah Preparing To Attack Israel?

-Debka is reporting that Iran has embarked on preparations for operations against Israel.

-Iran's supreme leader is ordering Muslims around the world to defend Palestinians in Gaza.

-Hizbullah is vowing to open a second front in the war against Israel.

-Israel's Air Force chief is warning that the Israeli army is "ready to go all the way" in this conflict.

-Melissa Etheridge and her lesbian partner are attempting to defend pastor Rick Warren.

-South Ossetia claims that Georgia is moving tanks close to their border.

-Prices of U.S. single family homes in October dropped a record 18 percent from a year earlier.

-Uh oh -- 250 small earthquakes have rattled Yellowstone.

-Where have all the sunspots gone?

-Lastly, the fallout from a terrible retail shopping season has begun.

1 comment:

  1. the Iranians need a higher price for oil...they could care less for the palestine people, only that the world will buy oil anticipating an allout war