Dec 31, 2008

The Daily Buzz - At One Point Wednesday Hamas Was Firing A Missile Into Israel Every Few Minutes

-At one point on Wednesday, Hamas was firing a rocket into Israel every few minutes.

-John McCain: "The Indians are on the verge of some kind of attack on Pakistan"

-Pakistan is calling on India to "de-escalate" and to send their ground forces to peacetime locations.

-Is the U.S. military losing the war in Somalia?

-U.S. consumer confidence has fallen to an all time low.

-Some scientists are trying to come up with a theory to explain the benefits of religion while not admitting that it is true.

-The genetic code that made the 1918 killer flu so deadly has finally been cracked by scientists. What will they do with this information now that they have it?

-A 43 foot tall straw goat is erected each Christmas in eastern Sweden, and this year some vandals decided to set it on fire.

-The Federal Reserve has announced that it will start buying mortgage-backed securities in early January.

-The ACLU of Arkansas has filed a lawsuit that seeks to strike down a new law that bans unmarried couples from becoming foster or adoptive parents.

-Will the Yellowstone supervolcano end up erupting at some point in our lifetimes?

-Chinese scientists are claiming that they have discovered the earth's largest dinosaur fossil site.

-Lastly, India is currently battling a very, very serious outbreak of the bird flu.

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