Dec 29, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Israel Is In "An All Out War" With Hamas In Gaza

-Israel's Defense Minister says that Israel is in "an all out war" with Hamas.

-Israeli air strikes continue to pound Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.

-Have you ever heard of the lost city of Nan Madol?

-The C.I.A. is warning of a potential nuclear war between India and Pakistan.

-The economy of the E.U. is now officially larger than the economy of the United States.

-The first "designer baby" in the U.K. is getting some attention.

-One Russian newspaper is saying that the U.S. needs a nuclear explosion in order to turn the world into a dictatorship.

-This is absolutely frightening - now many amateurs are dabbling in genetic engineering at home.

-There is a company out there who claims that they are regularly cloning babies.

-NewScientist declares: Genetically modified humans: Here and more coming soon

-Scientists actually plan to ignite a tiny man made star here on earth.

-Are "website ratings" on the way?

-U.K. schools are installing cameras in public schools to carefully watch children as young as four years old.

-Experts are warning that a "killer" Australian flu strain is set to spread across the U.K.

-Bird flu is hitting Vietnam poultry farms really hard.

-Cash starved states are beginning to sell their roads and parks in order to raise cash.

-There are 92 million Americans who cannot read above a 5th grade level.

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