Dec 26, 2008

The Daily Buzz - Pakistan Moves Thousands Of Troops Towards The Indian Border

-ABC News is reporting that Pakistan is moving thousands of troops towards the Indian border.

-India is warning their citizens to avoid going into Pakistan.

-U.S. police could soon get "pain beam" weapons.

-Police in Kansas are beginning to test out facial recognition software.

-One prominent rabbi says that his dream is to create a "United Religious Nations" -- more evidence that we are moving closer to a one world religion.

-The Pope used his Christmas message to call for the whole world to come together.

-Weird but true -- the CIA is passing out Viagra to those who give them information in Afghanistan.

-The Jerusalem Post is reporting that Russia is planning to supply missiles to Syria.

-A lawyer for Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has asked the legislative panel considering impeachment of the governor to subpoena a number of the members of Barack Obama's staff.

-Hundreds of schools in the U.K. have banned teachers from using red ink because it makes students "feel bad" apparently.

-Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says that Christ would have been on his side of things.

-Barack Obama is the most admired man in America.

-Lastly, California's budget deficit is now 42 billion dollars.

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