Jan 7, 2009

The Daily Buzz - Barack Obama Says The U.S. Could Have Trillion Dollar Deficits "For Years To Come"

-Barack Obama says that we better get used to trillion dollar deficits: "And potentially we've got trillion-dollar deficits for years to come, even with the economic recovery that we are working on at this point."

-Hizbullah says that they are ready to fight Israel.

-A new law that goes into effect in February 10th says that you will not be able to sell used children's clothes anymore unless you get them tested for lead.

-The state of Mississippi now has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the United States.

-Mikhail Gorbachev has written a new article entitled "A new international agenda" that shows that he is still actively promoting a new world order.

-We are beginning to learn that our solar system is a whole lot stranger than we first believed.

-There is panic buying of the last mercury-free lightbulbs in the U.K.

-More than 1,000 people die a year from home radon leaks in the U.K.

-The U.S. Air Force's "counter blogging" program has been exposed.

-700,000 people turned out for a protest against Israel in Turkey.

-Lastly, is the NSA watching ALL of your calls and emails?

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